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Episode Show Notes: What Does it Mean to Have a “Reasonable Basis” Standard?

During the second episode of the Ad Watchers series, hosts Hal Hodes and La Toya Sutton engage their listeners in an insightful conversation about the importance of advertisers having a “‘reasonable basis” for their claims. They dive deeper into this topic by defining “reasonable” and what this calls for regarding the level of support and type of evidence needed to substantiate a claim. 

For purposes of this episode, Hal and La Toya explained that the standard for defining “reasonable” is the Pfizer Factors.

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So, Who’s Making These Advertising Rules?

In the Ad Watchers podcast series, National Advertising Division (NAD) attorneys Hal Hodes and La Toya Sutton break down common advertising practices to reveal the complexity of keeping claims truthful and accurate. In this first episode, the hosts talk about the guiding principle behind all NAD decisions: consumer understanding. Hal and La Toya discuss what it means to them to step into the shoes of the consumer and break down all of the factors that NAD takes into consideration during an advertising review that regulators (e.g., the FTC or FDA) may not.

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