Explore Trends and Best Practices in Independent Self-Regulation

Welcome to The Accountability Studio – a monthly podcast that explores the many facets of corporate accountability from child-directed advertising law to data collection practices to international rules and regulations.

With standards, laws, and regulations in a constant state of flux and the pace of innovation accelerating, meeting stakeholder expectations and maintaining trust are persistent challenges. The Accountability Studio brings you commentary and perspectives from experts in ad law and independent self-regulation so that you can stay agile and compliant within the evolving regulatory landscape.

The Accountability Studio

This podcast explores what it means to be an accountable business leader. Join us in thinking beyond typical boundaries to discover what the future of independent, industry self-regulation looks like.


The Latest Episodes

Ad Watchers

Join National Advertising Division attorneys on this podcast as they explore advertising claims and what it means to put them to the truthfulness test.


The Latest Episodes

Privacy Abbreviated

Brought to you by BBB National Programs and Osano, the Privacy Abbreviated podcast helps business leaders operationalize and prepare for what’s next in privacy. From high-level news headlines to the geeky privacy trenches, Priv hosts and experienced privacy pros Dona Fraser and Catherine Dawson are your guides, breaking down what’s happening to deliver only the takeaways you need.


The Latest Episodes