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Data Privacy Accountability in Practice: A Case Study of Cisco

In this episode of The Accountability Studio, host Cobun Zweifel-Keegan is joined by two industry professionals for a deep-dive into one company’s innovative approach to data privacy, accountability, and trust. Listen in to hear Josh Harris, BBB National Programs’ Director of Global Privacy Initiatives, and Harvey Jang, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco discuss how Cisco developed its privacy program and how he and his team made privacy a business imperative for the company.

When Are Advertisers Responsible for Consumer Ratings and Reviews?

In the increasingly digital landscape, the influence of word-of-mouth has gone viral. Before making a purchase, consumers frequently turn to a product or service’s reviews and ratings. Since consumers trust what other consumers have to say, brands want to leverage these voices—but are they responsible for them? In this episode, Hal and La Toya explore endorsements and testimonials, as well as the broader category of the implementation of user-generated content in advertising. Listen in to learn about the lines between user-generated content versus testimonials versus endorsements.

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What Do CARU’s Revised Guidelines Mean for Advertisers?

Despite this generation’s comfort navigating digital spaces today, they still face the same cognitive limitations – and therefore, vulnerabilities – that they always have. This reality is just one of the reasons that BBB National Programs’ Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) recently issued revised guidelines to assure that advertising directed to children is not deceptive, unfair, or inappropriate for its intended audience.

In this episode of the Accountability Studio, Mary Engle, Executive Vice President of Policy at BBB National Programs and Mamie Kresses, Vice President of CARU talk through the most significant revisions to the guidelines and explain what these changes mean for advertisers. Tune in to learn how advertisers can help shrink the gap between a child’s needs online and the safeguards in place to protect them.

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The Best Podcast Episode Ever: What is Puffery?

When you hear a claim in an advertisement like, “best in the world,” you probably know that the product has not been measurably proven to actually be the best in the world. And that’s okay, because this is an example of puffery, an exaggerated, blustering, or boastful statement or general claim that could only be understood to be an expression of opinion, not a statement of fact. But where is the line between puffery and a claim that needs a reasonable basis? In this episode of Ad Watchers, hosts Hal Hodes and La Toya Sutton break down the questions they ask to determine whether or not a statement is puffery. Later in the episode, they are joined by their colleague Eric Unis to judge the Battle Royale of Puffery: each host presents cases that illustrate various types of this practice. Tune in to hear which of our hosts has the best examples of puffery in the universe!

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The Past and Future of Privacy Accountability: Is CBPR a Model?

In this episode of The Accountability Studio, Moderator Cobun Zweifel-Keegan, Deputy Director of Privacy Initiatives at BBB National Programs, is joined by two industry professionals for an informative conversation on the cross-border privacy rules (CBPR) system, a voluntary framework with a global impact. BBB National Programs Director of Global Privacy Initiatives Josh Harris,  and Sam Schofield, International Trade Specialist, Global Data Privacy, share their knowledge on the purpose and vision of the multi-layered Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CBPR system.

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