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Episode Show Notes: The State of Privacy: How Did We Get Here?

The Accountability Studios formally presents BBB National Programs (BBB NP) and Osano’s new podcast, Privacy Abbreviated—helping business leaders manage and prepare for the future of privacy. In its first episode, hosts Dona Fraser, Senior Vice President of Privacy
Initiatives at BBB National Program, and Catherine Dawson, General Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer of Osano, introduce themselves and set the stage for their new listeners.

For this episode, they’re joined by distinguished guest Daniel (Dan) Solove, Law Professor at George Washington University and Founder of TeachPrivacy, a company that provides privacy and data security training to businesses, healthcare institutions, universities, and other organizations.
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The State of Privacy: How Did We Get Here?

Looking back even just five years ago, the privacy landscape looked nothing like it does today – there was no General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), no California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the demands on businesses were much different.

In the first episode of Privacy Abbreviated, hosts Catherine Dawson and Dona Fraser are joined by Daniel Solove, a law professor at George Washington University and founder of TeachPrivacy, to explain how we got to the landscape we see today and talk about what this means for businesses. They offer insight into the key differences between U.S. and E.U. privacy standards, what legislation is on the horizon, and how to build a strong privacy program that sets businesses up to comply with changes as they come.

For more information about this episode, read the show notes here.