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Consumer Privacy in Telehealth: An Interview with the ATA

In this episode of Priv, host Dona Fraser is joined by American Telehealth Association (ATA) Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Kyle Zebley to check up on consumer health data privacy in the telehealth industry.

From HIPAA to the pandemic to Dobbs to a hodge-podge of new state-level privacy laws, Dona and Kyle discuss the ways companies are navigating this complex terrain, how the world of telehealth has drastically changed, the role of AI in today’s telehealth privacy picture, and what this picture may look like in the future. 

Some key takeaways from this episode are:

  • (6:41) The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telehealth, allowing patients to access care remotely and overcoming barriers such as geographic limitations and workforce shortages.
  • (10:33) Data privacy is a significant concern in telehealth, and organizations like the ATA are working to develop principles and advocate for consistent policies to protect patient information.
  • (17:25) The regulatory landscape for telehealth is complex, with federal and state laws impacting the delivery of care and the collection and use of health data. Consistency and clarity in regulations are essential to ensure compliance and enable innovation.
  • (25:36) AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by improving efficiency, personalizing care, and addressing workforce shortages. However, it is crucial to have accountability, oversight, and guardrails in place to mitigate bias and protect patient rights.
  • (33:03) The future of telehealth and data privacy will depend on ongoing federal conversations, legislative actions, and regulatory decisions. Stakeholders must work together to ensure that telehealth continues to expand and provide accessible and high-quality care.

Another key item to note is the Digital Health Privacy Program (DHPP). DHPP is crucial in the telehealth industry as it establishes protocols to protect the privacy of consumer health data, ensuring trust and confidentiality in remote healthcare interactions. By safeguarding sensitive information, DHPP fosters patient confidence in utilizing telehealth services, driving widespread adoption and improving healthcare accessibility. Learn more about DHPP by following the link below.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Episode Show Notes: Privacy For Start-Ups

Dona Fraser, Senior Vice President of Privacy Initiatives at BBB National Programs, and Jason Cronk, chair and founder of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design, are joined by two guests on this Privacy Abbreviated episode. Linsey Krolik, Associate Clinical Professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, and Katharina Koerner, AI and Privacy Advisor at Tech Diplomacy Network, sit down with our hosts to discuss the privacy questions entrepreneurs face when getting their business started.

The episode launches with a clearing of the air. What is a startup? Lindsey kicks us off with a focus on tech startups and clarifies that this term points to a new business that is building some sort of technology, and where there is technology, there is the collection of data. Katharina jumps in with an even broader viewpoint. Any business that is launched and has not existed before should be considered a startup. To further bring us listeners clarity, Katharina shares, “I think every single new business that processes personal information in any shape or form has to be aware of privacy.”

Since all businesses that collect data, big or small, one day old or 100 years old, should consider how they handle the data they receive, there is one question they all should ask themselves. Dona implores that this question regarding information collected is, “What are your must haves? What do you need versus what do you want to have or what would you like?”

Linsey agrees that minimizing the data collected is the right way to go and suggests that for businesses to do that well, goals and purpose must be defined and determined from the onset. “You can’t ask these questions without the context of what the business is trying to do and the purpose for collecting, using, and sharing the data,” Lindsey explains. New businesses should begin here to help set the course for why and how data will be collected.

After the experts’ discussion concerning privacy policy concerning business goals, Jason jumps in with a curiosity about privacy utilized as a tool businesses can use to differentiate themselves. Katharina provides a very thought-provoking perspective. She emphasizes consumer expectations in the 21st century. Today, consumers expect companies to comply with privacy laws, protect their data, and house it with the utmost responsibility and care. This isn’t a differentiator or a nice to have. Data protection done right is a must-have. “You will take care of my privacy,” Katherine reiterates as the tune consumers cry.

Jason challenges that though this is the expectation, is this the reality? He shares a few environments where this expectation may be falling short. Linsey follows up with a different kind of reality, helping to set the right tone for the amount of data startups are truly dealing with when their doors first open.

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Privacy in the Face of COVID-19

Conversations have sparked around data regulation and privacy in direct correlation to how it’s being used to provide insights about the impact of COVID-19. Location data is a big focus. Recently, the Senate conducted an unprecedented ‘paper hearing’ of which the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) weighed in. Katelyn Ringrose, Policy Fellow of FPF, discusses all the details from a data optimist perspective. It’s a good one, take a listen!

Data Breaches Still on the Rise

There is no slowing down in data breaches. That is clear. Businesses have a responsibility to stay informed on the latest trends and news regarding data security. Eva Velasquez, CEO of The Identity Theft Resource Center gives us a birds-eye view of current happenings and what to expect in this new landscape of digital warfare.

Looking Back at CCPA

We’ve sliced and diced the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) into a four-course meal fit for any data king or queen. As a belated Valentine’s Day gift to our loyal listeners, James, our host, serves up the dessert round of our CCPA discussions where he offers some new updates alongside a look back at all we’ve discussed. Enjoy!