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The NAD Top 10 — Did you know?

In this episode of Ad Watchers, hosts Dan and Annie take you behind the scenes of the U.S. system of self-regulation in the advertising industry and discuss some of the myths, the misconceptions, and misunderstandings advertisers have.

This episode presents the Top Ten things the National Advertising Division (NAD) wants to make sure you know about ad law and the NAD process, valuable for new and seasoned practitioners with the goal to make the self-regulatory forum user friendly, fair, and efficient and effective.

For more information about this episode, read the show notes here.

Episode Show Notes: The NAD Top 10 — Did you know?

On this episode of the Ad Watchers dynamic duo, Annie Ugurlayan and Dan Range decide to address misperceptions and misconceptions about the National Advertising Division (NAD). As the Assistant Director and an attorney of the program, the two tackle the top 10 of the most common misunderstandings that new and not-so-new participants tend to have about NAD and the challenge process.

Annie admits to listeners that their list may not be as exciting as David Letterman’s top 10 list from Sioux City, Iowa; however, Dan ensures that their top 10 will be on par. Dan kicks us off with the number one source of confusion that participants in NAD proceedings often have. That boils down to understanding the scope of NAD’s review.

2:35- To begin, Dan reminds listeners that NAD looks at truth and accuracy. Since advertising is all about messaging, NAD seeks to understand the intent behind an advertiser’s message to the consumer. What is the advertiser conveying to its audience? Then NAD looks to answer whether the message is true or false. With that being the case, Dan advises challengers to identify the specific messages or claims they are challenging, both express and implied.

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