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Filling Privacy Gaps with Soft Law Solutions

Emerging technology is innovative, creative, and fun, but it moves faster than the development of the privacy regulations, laws, and formal guidelines that will eventually govern it. In the absence of a comprehensive federal privacy law, companies experimenting and innovating are looking for guidance. Soft law standards and rules of the road can fill the legally binding hard law gaps that exist for emerging tech. 

In this episode of Privacy Abbreviated, our hosts are joined by the Future of Privacy Forum’s Jameson Spivack to discuss how industry-developed standards and best practices can guide policymaking allowing hard law to adopt the lessons learned from soft law. 

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Episode Show Notes: Filling Privacy Gaps with Soft Law Solutions

Your Privacy Abbreviated hosts, Dona Frazier, Senior Vice President of Privacy Initiatives at BBB National Programs, and Jason Cronk, chair and founder of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design, return to discuss soft law versus hard law. Guest Jameson Spivack, Senior Policy Analyst, Immersive Technologies, with the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF), joins our privacy experts on this episode.

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