Women’s Purchasing Power

Women make over 90% of all household purchases. This doesn’t only include groceries and cleaning supplies. Oh no, we’re talking power tools, cars, and major household goods. You don’t want to skip this episode. Susan Dobscha, Professor of Marketing at Bentley University details the consumer power held by women!

Happy #nationalwomenshistorymonth!

The Growing Influence of Women in Online Casinos

Women represent an increasingly dominant force among players and influencers engaging with real money crash games at top mobile casinos. Discover how women drive profits and shape the gaming landscape:

  1. Research shows over 57% of women made an online casino purchase in 2022.
  2. Innovative gaming formats like crash and instant win attract female players looking for fresh experiences.
  3. Casinos actively target promotional offers and VIP programs towards female customers due to their rising purchasing power.
  4. Women often make gambling content creation and social media influencing into full-time careers.

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